Sunday, 7 December 2014

More Christmas Cards!

I can honestly say that everyone got a unique Christmas card this year.  Even some of the ones that look similar have something different about them.  That was quite the job I tell you.  I believe I sent out around 75 cards, give or take 1 or 2.  That's 75 different cards.  I'm proud of myself.  Here are some pics featuring some more of the cards. 


Nancy said...

Wow! That's incredible, Marianne! They're all fabulous and festive! :o)

Marianne Grimbly said...

You know, I'm actually really happy with this year's cards. I am especially happy that I managed to do so many different cards and that no one will be getting the same card.

Karen Shirey said...

I adore all of your Christmas cards Marianne! I haven't even started any! :(
Your cards have put me in the mood to start. Love them! xo