Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Perfect Birdhouse! What do you think?

A little while ago I was given a couple of boxes filled with matching tea cups and saucers.  They weren't anything special as in expensive sets.  They were just the kind that come with inexpensive dish sets.  I knew that I would never use that many but wanted to repurpose them somehow so they wouldn't be wasted.  I decided to try and make something with them.  For a couple of months now I've been purchasing those little wooden birdhouses that all of the craft stores are selling.  You know the ones that are selling for a dollar or close to it.  Anyway I had lots of cups and saucers and lots of birdhouses so why not combine them and make something decorative and pretty.  Many of the birdhouses came with a loop of cord coming out of the top so they could be hung.  I wasn't able to remove the cord so I just pushed it back inside the hole of the birdhouse.  Hubby helped me out by attaching dowels to the birdhouses so that I could have the birdhouses sitting inside the teacup. 
They were attached to the teacup with oasis (green foam that florists use) and E6000.  The top was covered with Spanish moss to hide the workings.  I covered the birdhouse with paper and then used ribbons, flowers and whatever else I had on hand to make it look as pretty as I could.  I have a picture here of 2 of them.  I thought they turned out really pretty.  What do you think? 


Christmas Cards

I've been really busy the last few weeks as I've tried to get my Christmas cards made as well as being involved in several craft fairs.  There have been a lot of late nights along with some all nighters.  This year I've done something pretty different for me in that I didn't just pick a card or two and mass produce them.  As you can see I actually came up with a lot of unique cards.  The other difference this year is that I joined a Die Cut Group on Facebook.  We have been sending each other different die cuts so that we can stretch our supplies.  Some of these girls have got the most beautiful and intricate dies.  I need to start getting some more of those.  They are just exquisite!  I hope you enjoy my cards and as always I welcome your comments. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Challenge #76 Lia Stampz themed Black and White Plus 1 Other Colour

We're up to Challenge #76 at Lia Stampz.  The theme this week is black and white plus one other colour.  I chose kraft.  I made a tag using one of those adorable new little witches that Lia drew.  There's 3 witches and it was tough to pick which one I wanted to use.  I had already used the witches in my last post as well.  (Layout of the kids at Halloween.)  Halloween may be over but if you want to pick up these digis and use them for next year, this is where you can purchase them.   If you would like to join us in this challenge, come and join us here.