Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mini Album Made With Heartfelt Creations "Once Upon A Time"

I've got another Mini Album to show you but I also have to tell you that this post is packed with a lot of photographs! I have to tell you that I am so very proud of how this came out. I have been checking countless YouTube videos and tutorials to be able to put together a Mini Album that actually comes out nicely. I generally use the paper that I've already got on hand, but not my good stuff. I hoard that. Until now that is. I have unlocked the 'vault' and have begun using all of those paper pads that previously just sat there. I've been watching all of Shellie Geigle's videos lately and tried what I thought would be the easiest; Learn to Make a Mini Album. She talks you through every detail of the book. She talks slowly enough that you don't need to pause the video hundreds of times but not slow enough that it puts you to sleep. LOL What I did was watch the video first, took some notes, made sure I had any necessary measurements written down and just got a feel for what I was going to be doing. There were 3 videos to making this Mini. Here are the links to Shellie's Videos.

Part 1 - Learn to Make a Mini Album - Designs by Shellie
Part 2 - Learn to Make a Mini Album - Designs by Shellie
Part 3 - Learn to Make a Mini Album - Designs by Shellie

I don't know whether she will see this or not but I wanted to say thank you to Shellie. Finally I have made a Mini Album that looks like it was put together by an adult. LOL Also I just happened to have the exact same paper pad that Shellie was using. I just used mine in a different order. The paper will make all the difference folks. I believe it now. Speaking of paper, Shellie has designed her own paper pad that was introduced just recently. It's on my wish list but I seriously need to get rid of some of the paper I have now before I buy any more. Take a look, I've included the link on where you can buy it. It's called Tranquil Gardens and it's just beautiful!

Designs by Shellie Paper

Judge for yourself. Here are the pics of the finished Mini Album.


Karen Shirey - Wide Eyed Stamper said...

Oh Marianne! this mini is so stunning! i just LOVE it!! Awesome job my dear friend!

Marianne Grimbly said...

Thanks Karen! Have you seen Shellie's tutorials? I found it so easy to follow her and I found the paper choice makes all the difference in the world.

Shellie Geigle said...

Your Album came out amazing! I love it! Will be sharing this with others. Shellie

Marianne Grimbly said...

Thanks Shellie! I really appreciate not only your tutorials but your kind comments as well. I can't wait to get started on the next one. I have orders to make several more.

Gail said...

Wow! Great job.
It's just wonderful!

memorial garden benches said...

Your album is amazing! I appreciate it. Awesome job!

andrea chiu said...

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