Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mini Album for a friend

I wanted to post some pictures of the latest mini album that I had completed and I thought I would glance through at the older ones that I had made. I couldn't find them on my blog anywhere. Could it be possible that I never posted them? I had meant to and somehow forgotten? That is entirely possible! Too much on the brain. LOL I thought I would just try and catch up and post the old ones first. This is one that I had made for a dear friend of mine, Karen. When Karen and I first met, she had surprised me with this huge box of crafting goodies (I was stunned, didn't expect anything) as well as this absolutely stunning mini album that she made for me. I was speechless as I turned it over and over in my hands, looking at all of the details she worked so hard on. It was just beautiful. So I had promised Karen that I would make her one as well. Well it took me months and months before I had one ready for Karen. I started several times and ended up starting over because I wasn't happy with the results. Finally after several months I had it finished and I was actually quite pleased with the way it looked. Here are the photos of the mini that I made for Karen;

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