Monday, 16 June 2014

Challenge #67 themed "Summer Fun" at Lia Stampz

Wow!  Has it really been this long since I've posted to my blog?  I have been having problems with my computer for a while now.  My husband tried changing my browser to Firefox and while some things were ok with it, others were not.  Every time I tried posting here on my blog it wouldn't let me and the same when trying to comment on my friend's blogs.  I kept getting messages about Google Chrome and couldn't get in.  Finally I told Hubby to take Firefox out and put me back on Internet Explorer.  I'm back to the slowness I was experiencing before and sometimes not even slowness, it just won't load the page.  For example with Facebook, I will try to click on a friend's page and it just acts as if it's loading and loading and loading but the page never appears.  It has been very frustrating to say the least.  Jobs that should take only minutes to accomplish are either taking a very long time or I'm not able to do them at all.  Anyway, that's my explanation for not being on my blog very much.  I haven't even posted anything on here about June specials at Close To My Heart. 

Enough about that, I made it on here today so I'm going to try and catch up a little.  There's a brand new challenge over at Lia Stampz and it's themed "Summer Fun."  You can do anything; a card, a layout, a box, a tag or even a mini album which is what I did.  I've seen these albums called squash albums and wanted to give them a try.  I had a few pictures from a trip that my daughter and I had taken to Maine one year.  I had already put most of the pictures into a scrapbook album but had a few left over and didn't want to throw them out so I thought I make one of these squash albums and put them in there.  I used one of Lia Stampz images of a little girl building a sand castle for the front of the squash album.  Here's what I came up with;

Now this is a little on the plain side I know but I was trying to get the basics of it.  I had tried one before but it kept getting glued together so I had to try and figure out what I did wrong and how I could fix it.  It was just a matter of tape runner placement and placing it elsewhere.  This one does not stick together.  It was actually fun to make and I can see lots of possibilities making these.  I know these have been out there for years but they are pretty new to me.  The fun thing is that they fold up into a square and the pages just unfold and cascade when you let them drop.  Neat!  Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.  I will probably make more and will post them when I do.  For now, I need to try and catch up on some things that I haven't been able to post.  Thanks for your time!   


Cely said...

so sorry you're having internet troubles, my friend! i was wondering where you've been! but love the squash album!

Creations by Shirl said...

Before I uploaded Google Chrome, I had the same exact problems as you. Eventually you will have to switch, my computer ran so shitty and I had the hardest time to get into my programs. You are probably experiencing all these problems now. I hope you can get them resolved. I'm not sure why you can't get into Google Chrome, let me tell you it will make a big difference. Anyhow love your summery card and you squash album.

Wide Eyed Stamper and Crafter said...

Wow Marianne.. I love your 'squash' album! I have never done one and not sure i have the knowledge or patience :) you always do amazing work my friend.
biggo hugs,

Sue H said...

This is so Neat! What a great card! Now I'm your newest follower! I am having the same issues with Int. Expl. and Google. I just found out that Time Warner is having a really big issue with it's email system which affects so many of us.
Also, thanks much for stopping by my blog and leaving a note of inspiration, much appreciated. Hope to talk to you soon!

aussie aNNie said...

Loving this image and card...
Your creation is super and love the colour combo..
I have had to start a new blog due to a hacker into my google account ...Menories to Keep..I have joined your blog and invite you over to join mine and my challenge which is sponsored by three lovely artists...aNNie
The Journey is the Start