Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Comment Moderation; Goodbye Spam!

I love to read your sweet comments on my blog. I welcome all of them and feel that I can only grow with comments both positive and sometimes even negative. In the last little while I've had a bunch of spam left on my wall so I'm changing the way comments will appear. They will need to be approved by me before they show up on the blog. Thank you all for understanding.


Paper Crazy Lady said...

Nothing wrong with that, Marianne. Why is there always someone who wants to take advantage of a good thing?

Cely said...

i had to change it too so that i could approve everything. those spam comments are no bueno!

Sandy Smith said...

I understand why the change. Thats horrible that you have been spammed. Hope your weekend is going well.

Roxann said...

Hi, Marianne. I totally understand. It is so maddening that you have to alter your way of operating because of spammers!