Sunday, 1 January 2012

Gift Card Holders and Paper Boxes and Homemade Gift Certificates

I caught some Gina K videos where she had made some gift card holders as well as some boxes made from cardstock.  I'm still fairly new to this whole cardmaking thing so I'm still learning.  These may have been around for years and nothing new for seasoned cardmakers but to me...well I was really keen to see if I could make them.  Below are some of the examples that I made up for Christmas 2011. 

 Gift Certificate Holders; overall outside shot followed by inside view.  The little piece sticking up is what holds the gift certificate in place. 

And finally I made up some homemade gift certificates this year for my niece to give my sister.  We thought they turned out pretty cute. 


Deb Reynolds said...

These are gorgeous Marianne!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful Marianne!


Anonymous said...

Marianne - these are absolutely beautiful! You are very creative! :)
Brownbear Inda

Meredith said...

Tres cute! Might need to get some more of these!

Anonymous said...
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