Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Today's Forecast; Scraproom Overcast with Hoarding Tendencies

If any of you are wondering if I've finished doing the switch with the craft room...I am still working on it. Who knew it was going to take this long? I thought it was going to be relatively easy, bring the stuff upstairs, put away what I want and give away/sell/throw away the rest. It didn't work out to be quite that easy. It hasn't been terribly easy to part with anything. I want to keep it all and yet I don't. I want to start fresh. I just want the supplies that I'm going to use and not the ones that I will stare at for months or in some cases years thinking "one day I will make such and such with that." I think, and it really scares me to say this but I think I might just be showing hoarding tendencies. Not in the rest of my house. Pffftt...if it hasn't been used in a couple of months....it's gone...outta here! But my crafting supplies....oh but they're different. Some have been with me for years. Some are older than my firstborn. I kid you not. In my mind I justify it by saying "oh but one day you're going to make such and such out of that." I have been hoarding, there I said it, yes hoarding scraps of paper. When we moved here to this house I actually had the movers carry about 4 large cardboard boxes and 2 Rubbermaid tubs of scrap paper because I couldn't bare to part with them. I've decided that the scraps must go if I'm going to get on with things. I've advertised here in my area that if anyone is just starting out scrapbooking, if anyone is on a tight budget or if anyone will have children to entertain over the summer holidays, I will have boxes of scraps for them. Some of these scraps are not really scraps at all. Some are 8 1/2 x 11 with a single heart punched out and that's it. I've set up several boxes and I've been getting rid of the scraps as fast as I can. I hope this will speed things along and that I'll be done enough with the room that I can take pictures and post them. I've been somewhat comforted all these years being surrounded by these little treasures. I hope that I'm nipping the hoarder thing in the bud by saying goodbye and getting it out of the house. I honestly think I have enough scraps that it will keep several craft rooms busy for months when they get them. I will update again soon. Ok on to a happier post. I submitted another layout for the DCWV Scrapaholic Layout Challenge for May. They've posted that they are a little behind right now in the judging and the posting of the new challenge for June. I can wait. This is a layout that I put together showing my Godparents. My Godfather passed away well over 10 years ago now. I've lost touch with my Godmother but I think I should do whatever I can to find her and get back in touch with her. They were 2 of the sweetest people that I can remember growing up. They will both always have a special place in my heart. Here is the sketch that I used and then the layout that I designed using the sketch.


Nancy said...

LOL!! Oh, Marianne! I laughed out loud at your great title of this post! ;o)
Good job on clearing out the scraps! As for the other things that you want to keep but don't have room for in your smaller space, why don't you set aside one storage unit in the basement for your overflow. It could be the items that you're having trouble parting with. Then if you haven't used any of it in the next year it will be easier to part with.
As for treasures that you're tired of looking at...I'll look at them for you! hahaha

Your layout is fantastic, as always! You really have a talent for them! :o)

Maria Rodriguez said...

Hello Marianne: You are not alone in the hoarding business, I guess all of us whether we are paper crafters, knitting crafters, quilting crafters, sewing crafters, etc. hoard our stuff, we hate to throw it away, (I've never done that)I think it's better to give it away, I've done that to my grandchildren's art teachers. I have several plastic shoe boxes in the closet of my craft room, one for each color of card stock, where I place scraps that are to small to keep where I keep the whole sheets but, it was getting to be ridiculous the sheer amount of scraps I was hoarding, the boxes were busting at the seams. So a friend of mine suggested that I should just grab each box and cut, punch, or die cut shapes with it to just have them handy instead of grabbing a new sheet and create more scraps. It's been working fabulously, now each box has small zip lock baggies with different cut out shapes that I can grab easily saving time and space. I think this was one of the things that was creating clutter in my craft room, the other one was old crafting magazines and expired catalogs from Stampin Up! and other companies, those I put in the recycling can. I'm very selective as to what stamp sets I buy, I don't have a ton, like I've seen on videos of people's crafting spaces so that has never been a problem.
But yes, we crafters treasure our stuff but, when it's getting out of hand, it's good to nip it in the bud, we'll enjoy our crafting spaces so much more.
Have a fabulous day.
Maria Rodriguez.
PS. If you want to take a looksee at my crafting space, this is my blog address:


The post was on May 20th. My dear friend, Darlene De Vries, has a contest on her blog (LiveLoveCards.com) where she is giving away storage units from Stamp-n-storage when you up load a picture of your craft room, it's been fabulous to see where we go to create our cards.