Sunday, 24 May 2015

Craft Room Switcharoo! LOL

So my craft room was down in my basement. All 700 square feet just for me and my crafty supplies. This was one of the reasons we bought the house so I wouldn't be sprawled across the dining room table anymore. The only problem is that we've been in this house for 2 years now and I've noticed how cold the basement is all the time. I tried running a space heater in the winter but the problem was that I had to have it running 24 hours a day to keep the room reasonably comfortable. That equaled huge electric bills so I couldn't do that. I tried dressing in many layers but my fingers would freeze! Anyway my daughter has been complaining that she's always hot upstairs and that we have our heat turned up too high. (It's set for 72 so I think that's pretty standard.) So we decided we would do a room switcheroo. She gets the huge space down in the basement and I will take her room. So I've been at it for the last 3 days, bringing up bags and boxes of all sorts of craft supplies that I even forgot I had. Now comes the problem; trying to find spots for all of it. I have so much paper, 12 x 12's, 8 x 8's, 6 x 6's, Mat Stacks, Loose sheets, Kits of paper! Holy Moly....where did it all come from? Here are a few pictures of my craft room and what I've got done so far. I will post again when I have more done or have it finished.

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