Saturday, 4 April 2015

DCWV March Stackaholic Top 10 for Layouts AND Cards!

Hi Folks!  I'm back again a day later as promised.  Today I wanted to share with you some really great news that I am so proud of!  Once again I entered the DCWV Stackaholic Challenge for March.  I made a layout and a card and was thinking that I'd be thrilled if either one was to win the honour of being chosen in the Top 10.   Guess what?  They both made it into the Top 10.  I am thrilled beyond words.  Here is the link showing all of the Top 10 for both cards and layouts.  What a great job everyone!  Congrats to all! 
This is my layout. 

This is my card. 

I hope you enjoyed them and I will see you back here again tomorrow as I continue updating to get my blog up to date.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover.  Here is the link for the DCWV Blog so you can see the wonderful layouts and cards that were done.



Gail said...

Congratulations Marianne, they're both wonderful!
Keep up the good work!

Karen Shirey said...

Beautiful creations as usual!!! <3
You are so very talented Marianne!
The world is finally seeing your work and acknowledging your artistic talent! Congratulations Sweet Friend!!!

Cely said...

these are so cute my friend! love the color combos!