Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Very First Card....Ever!

I was hunting through an old box of pictures and various other memorabilia waiting to be scrapbooked. (It's a huge Rubbermaid tub so I will be busy for the rest of my days! LOL) Anyway I came across this little, badly folded, slip of paper made into a card. Now I honestly don't remember making it or anything but when I look at it, to me it looks like a baby carriage. This would make sense because at the time that I would've made this, my mother would've been expecting my ...brother. (I would've been 5 1/2.) So I was able to draw a little, put my name on the front (yes my secret is out; my name is actually Marianna but if anyone calls me that, well there's no telling what I might do. LOL) and obviously I needed help with the greeting inside which my father wrote out. (It says; I like you Mommy) So for any of that that are familiar with my cards, I thought you might like a peak at my very first card ever made.

No fancy papers, die cuts, stickers or other embellishments.  Just paper and crayons folks!  What have you got in your stash that takes you on a trip down 'Memory Lane'? 


cardscookiecarrotcake said...

Such a sweet memory! You were a cardmaker before you even knew what it was, LOL! Thanks for sharing your very first card with us; I'll have to look in my box of keepsakes to see what I uncover.

Maria Rodriguez said...

Oh, how very sweet, it's amazing you kept that first work of art. I don't have my very first card I made as a kid but I do have a Christmas card I made about 10 years ago when I decided to give this wonderful hobby a first try. It's made with fabric that I ironed onto card stock with that fusible mesh.....I remember sending this cards to friends and family and hearing them telling me how much they loved it. I kept this one, just for sentimental reasons, I've come a long way. Thank you for this trip down memory lane.

Karen Shirey said...

OMGosh Marianna (okay, so don't hit me.. I love your name, but I shall not call you that again as you wish <3 )
How perfectly adorable! you were so 'crafty' even at such a young age! The only thing I did when age 5 was climb trees and make sand pies in my sandbox!
Thank you for sharing this precious memory!!!

Cely said...

omigosh, this is the coolest thing ever! i made cards since i was a wee one too, but i don't think they ever got saved. this is SUPER COOL!!!!