Friday, 13 September 2013

Playing CatchUp

Well the move is over with and the boxes have all been unpacked. Some things have been put away, some things have been delivered to Goodwill and some things are still waiting in the middle of the floor for a new home. I have had so much sorting that I've needed to do with almost every room. The bedroom; I had to go through all of my clothes and put aside all of the things that no longer fit me. It's been just over a year since my surgery and to date I have lost a whopping 130 lbs! I used to weigh about 135 when I was a teenager so I've basically lost a person. So needless to say I have lots of things that just don't fit me anymore and I've been putting them aside because I want to try and sell them. It would be nice if I got a little money back from them to buy some new things. I've also been sorting through what I can use in this house and what I can't. I have curtains and extra towels that I just don't need and will box them up and take to Goodwill. We've also started with the major undertaking of stripping wallpaper (it's in EVERY room) and painting. So when I have a little spare time from all of that and the usual everyday things like making meals and doing laundry I come downstairs to my craft room and either work on projects that are overdue or I try and get things organized. I'm including some pics so you can see what a mess I have on my hands right now.
It's been like trying to fit 10 gallons into a 5 gallon jug. I'm going to have to purge and only keep the stuff I really need or use a lot. I've got some supplies that they could probably use at a local elementary school so I'll do that. I guess my problem is that I want to display so much but I just can't do everything. Some things will need to get tucked into drawers and baskets. I will take pictures again once I put everything away. My eventual plan is to paint the paneling a beautiful colour. Here's my sample that I'm going from:
Just the wall colour, not the bottom, although I will paint the trim white. Isn't that blue a gorgeous colour? I think it will look really sharp with the white JetMax cubes and the other wooden furniture that I have. I may have to wait until next summer to paint. Oh well I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy, too busy. I also need to do an update of the cards that I've made since mid July. I managed to get my Design Team cards for Lia Stampz done during this move, all except one. I somehow managed to lose my printer cable and of course I had left my project till the last minute. Well I couldn't print anything so no card. But I did end up buying another printer, my old one was not the greatest for everyday printing but I need to keep it because it prints out pictures while my new one doesn't. I still haven't found the cable. For some reason my computer keeps shutting down so I will try and come back tomorrow and do an update with my cards.


Cely said...

your house is so beautiful marianne! i need to purge, too!!!

S`andra V. said...

Oh Girly, So know how you feel. I recently went from a full 10'x11' room to a 11' wall from our down sizing. I miss my room. But that's OK. I am still working on the wall and have added another area as a creative spot. Still trying to go through and decide what to keep and what to give away. Not an easy task at all. Just deciding on what is more important that makes my crafting experience happy and fun.
Can't wait to hear more about your crafty space. Thanks for sharing. Sandra V~OhMyScraps

Teresa Kline said...

wow, you truly do have a job on your hands, wish I lived near by...I luv to organize and decorate. wishing you much success with this project!

enjoy *~*