Monday, 1 July 2013

I've Been Busy!

I have been desperately trying to make up batches of cards that I need not only for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries etc but also as thank you gifts. I'm trying to get as much done as I possibly can before the big move. Despite the fact that Mark promises my craft room will be the first room in the house to be set up, I know I will be busy with other things before I can sit down and craft again. So I've made up a number of cards to use for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries and thank you cards. Here are a few pictures showing the fruits of my labour.


Mary H. said...

You have indeed been VERY busy, and created some super lovely cards. You'll have quite a stash on your hands, so I hope your move will go smoothly, and your cards last until you're ready to craft again. It's hard relocating all your 'stuff', trying to find what you think you have, and inevitably, at least at our house, things get lost or never found again. Good luck. TFS & Hope it's cool where you are.

Wide Eyed Stamper said...

OMGosh! have you been busy or WHAT? you do phenomenal work young lady! <3 I can't imagine making so many at a time. maybe when i practice more i will be able to.

thank you for all of the sweet comments on my cards I have just been doing some challenges and building up my stash of cards. my stash had gotten down to dangerously low levels lol
It takes me forever to make just one card.
hugz and luvz

Sandy Smith said...

Wow!!! Words are escaping me as I look at all those cards. Wow!!!!
Great job doesn't seem good enough lol.
I hope that the move goes well.
Big Hugs

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Oh wow! ou are so orangized Marianne! I wish I was smart enought to plan ahead with things like this! And your cards are so beautiful! It must be a treat to recieve on of these! ....I just saw your comment at the Websters Pages blog and was so touched by your kind words, thank you so much! xo

Sonia said...

Oh my goodness. That must have taken so long to make so many. I have only just started making cards and it takes me a while to do.

Rosy Newlun said...

Oh my!!!!! Are you kidding me? You could truly open a store with all these beautiful cards!!!!! I don't know what to say LOL! Except I am in the middle of making a fool of myself over at Splitcoast trying to make cards for the Dare to Get Dirty week -- I'm way in over my head. But thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I appreciate your sweet comments!!!