Thursday, 29 November 2012

My First Craft Fair (Selling Cards)

  I applied back in September for a craft show about 40 minutes from my home and taking place in November.  I didn't hear anything back and assumed that they were full.  The first week of November I got a reply saying that somehow my email had been overlooked and was I still interested as they had 2 tables left.  So I said yes and got to work making cards.  I tell you I worked like a mad woman making cards, tags, gift tags, mini paper totes, box sets of cards, notebooks with pens, post it holders with pens.  I was up till the wee hours of the morning most days working on these.  I sold some things and made some contacts and managed to connect with a couple of people who wanted me to make thank you cards for their businesses.  Here's a picture of me with my table...yeah I needs a lot of work.  I need to add more levels and just all around make the table more appealing.  But I'm learning and willing to take constructive criticism so let me have it with both barrels!  LOL

Me at my first craft fair for selling cards

I made quite a few Christmas cards this year and have some left.  I decided to not list them on Etsy but instead these will be the cards that I'm sending out this year.  If you're on my Christmas card list...look away and pretend you didn't see this post.  LOL.  As always I would love to know what you think, good or bad.  I hope to do quite a few craft shows next Christmas so whatever tips, ideas or comments you have to make are most welcome! 

Here's a few tags that I have left:

I also made some paper mini totes.  I had seen several tutorials on YouTube and I ended up taking a little of this and a little of that and came up with the following.  This first batch ended up going to a spa where they filled them with nail polishes and put them out by the front counter.  I'm told that sales of these have been steady and they are almost gone!  The tag says For Your Mistle Toes. 

This second batch went to the craft sale.  I have several of these left and will take them to the same spa so they can replenish their stock.  Not the most flattering shot but I forgot to take pictures at home before we left.   The tags on these ones say Merry Kissmas and they have lipsticks and chapsticks in them. 

I also made little post it note holders with pens.  They say Merry Christmas Teacher. 

Here are some notepads with pens.  The paper and pens matched up quite nicely.  Total fluke!  Top left...sorry again I forgot to take pictures at home. 

Here are the cards that I have left.

  I appreciate the time you took to look through my pics.  If you're not too worn out, please leave a comment!  I want to learn and become better and can only do that if I get feedback.  Thanks again! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Marianne...It's Laura(Twnk). I could only leave a comment as anonymous.

Beautiful Cards! If you are looking for some ideas for craft show displays, I have a board on Pinterest that I've pinned a few ideas to. I think it's called Craft Shows, or something to that effect. It's been a while since I pinned anything there, so I'm not sure what's out there, but it might be helpful.


Sylvia said...

Great job Marianne! For your first craft fair it looks like you did well. As you already mentioned, for the next time you will know how to set up your table to showcase all your products. I've never done this, so I don't have any ideas for you. I can say I did like what you have for sale, so keep it up! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...


They are beautiful as always! Is it possible to purchase a post-it pad/pen and teacher card? I think it would a wonderful gift for Willow's teacher. E-mail and let me know.


Marianne said...

Judy they are on their way along with some other goodies! Thanks for being such a good supporter of my Etsy shop!

Teresa Kline said...

sweet cards, sure did make a lot...wishing you more success and a great outcome with the contacts...have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*

Teresa Kline said...

I'm out your Etsy and have a following, congrats!

Sandy Ang said...

they all look wonderful for the fair

Judy said...

Wow..all your creations look fantastic!


Paper Crazy Lady said...

Great ideas! I can see why you did so well. I have never done a show, so have nothing to offer in the way of suggestions - looked good to me.

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Hi!! Thanks for your comment on my post - I am so glad you stopped by :) The few things I can tell you that I've learned doing the different venues we've tried... For one thing, the juried shows ensure quality participants, which I think helps make our stuff look good. When we've sat next to poor quality stuff, people walk past us just as quick as they walk past the tacky goods. The key thing is visibility - you look like you were at a small table, so that would be a challenge for you, but no matter what the space, I've learned that if people feel like they can't see things or touch them to look closer, things just sit. That's why we put up the frames the way we did - people could see everything easily, and they know it's okay to take them when they want one. Same with the bread pans - they were approachable. Also, keeping things streamlined seemed to help this time. Lots of the same or similar item (which you did) kept things less overwhelming for shoppers.

I talk like I know anything... this is the stuff I noticed at our show - doesn't mean it works everywhere, of course!

Good Luck!!

Shari M said...

Wow woman, you were busy. Did nothing like that this year, but have had fun doing shows over the years with both the candles and soaps and now the cards, Thanks for sharing,